Give Them The Wake Up Call They Really Need

If you've struggled year after year with the same failures at keeping your New Year's Resolutions, here is a series of books that are sure to jump start your motivation!

  • How to Get FAT
  • How to Get in Debt
  • How to Procrastinate
  • Wheel O' Wisdom: Diagnose Your Neurosis

Knock-Knock's Self Hurt Series parody on "self help" offerings humorously shows how specific attitudes and actions lead to the same end result. If you are serious about keeping those New Year's resolutions, perhaps it's time to take a realistic look at what may be sabotaging them.

gave that gift blog book review pickHow to Get Fat "All my life I've been trying to get fat. No matter what I did, I stayed slim. Now I'm packing on the pounds like crazy." Jane Smith, former model. This book takes the reverse approach to many of the same excuses people use for being overweight. "I'm small boned" and other bromides are used to poiget in debt gift booknt out the self delusion we all fall prey to.

How to Get into Debt "I was a saver. I had a 401(k), a nest egg and a retirement plan. No matter what I tried, I couldn't blow through my money, until now." Sally Smith, Successful Debtor. Funny but true, this book pinpoints the choices and lifestyles that lead to bankruptcy. Laid out in step by step fashion, you will hear your own reasonings and excuses for over-spending, (we all make them), and hopefully see the cause and effect correlations.

How to Procrastinate " My efficiency, promptness and industrious work ethic were making me miserable. Now I just sit on my rump and I couldn't be happier!" Betty Smith, Utter Flake. Oh boy! This book likewise really gets inside of your head by showing up areas when we can waste time. Compulsive checking of emails, texting and surfing online are more associated with avoiding doing things that need to get done than productive activity. It also shows how your self esteem and relationships fare from this sort of (non) activity. When you read all the ways you CAN waste time and shrug work, you'll quickly identify those which should be cut out unless you really do want to procrastinate!

Wheel O' Wisdom Diagnose your Neurosis. This nifty wheel spins up a world of insight and makes a perfect gift for the neurotic among us. Comes with a mailing envelope for that very purpose! Each window shows "what it is","what it feels like", "what people call it" and finally pluses and minuses for the behavior. Take a close yet humerous look at human nature through this insightful window.

The key to success of any kind is to first identify the behaviors which cause the same results (or lack), year after year. With the Knock Knock Series, humor can be your best friend and ally for success. They will give you the wake up call you need. Visit them online at... Knock-Knock:
by M. M. "Best Picks Blog"

Ana's notes: Thanks Dr. M. for this! These books make some of the best gifts hands down. When I first saw an ad for them I thought it was the magazines idea of a joke but no, they really do teach you how to ruin your life. People always ask why isn't there a guidebook to life? Well here we have something just as good. Guides on what, "not to do" that anyone can use.

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Anonymous said…
These sound quite funny! They would really make great gag gifts. Will have to check them out!
Gave That said…
Thanks Stef, just made me remember to add "gag gifts" to the tags. Yes, they're extremly funny and that keeps them from being too mean I think. Also once you start, you really can't put them down.

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