Give The Gift of Pet Adoption via PETCO Pet Stores

Every year right around this time US PETCO's offer a free, humane drop off program for unwanted holiday gifts (i.e. animals) as well as any animal that could no longer be taken care of. It wasn't contingent that the pets be bought there, any pet could be left in their care. These homeless animals are then offered up for adoption on a donation (no set amount) of your choice. Cages and food also in some cases come with the animal.

We've given a number of animals a good home and they have no doubt enriched our lives. If you would like to consider adopting a new pet your best bet is to call or drop by your local PETCO as this special holiday adoption seems different from their other pet adoption clinics. Animals have ranged from lizards to rabbits and everything in between. Sadly many of these animals are older &/or have health problems that may require medication. Be sure to ask the store help questions about the animal to make sure you know what sort, if any, specialized care that will be needed. For more information see PETCO's Pet Adoption Area or read Find A New Best Friend, part of the U.S. News & Reports, 50 Ways To Improve Your Life In 2008.
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