Book Shows How To Be A Decent Guest and More

Some forget that part of being a guest is the gift of you... in a good mood!

Town & Country Handbook for Hosts: A Practical Guide to Party Planning and Gracious Entertaining by Adam Bluestein (Hearst Books 2006). Just in time for the holidays and all those Salons you wish to hold comes the perfect addition to your, "someone help me please!" library. A tad bit stuffy yet filled with chic illustrations and short paragraphs that sort of makeup for that, this is a book created to be used. Thick pages, lists of things to do, large type, sturdy cover. I was surprised at the helpful detail this book took the time to go into including how many people make up a good cocktail party, what sort of drinks to serve and even music suggestions (the music was indeed optimal) that won't compete with conversation.

Small apartment entertaining has a few pages and a whole quarter to being a decent guest. This book is classy and very helpful yet the author reminds us, "The job of a host can be many wonderful things, but there is one thing it surely isn't--easy. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise." At least they're truthful.

Tips for being a good guest:
  • Come with a gift for the hostess. See our Hostess Gifts section for great ideas and finds including DIY.
  • If you're not in the mood or still steaming from a bad day it's better to call and back out of the party. Don't go because you fell you have to. Go when you really feel up to it.
  • Be sure to find the hostess when you're ready to leave and thank them for a wonderful event (even if you didn't have such a good time).
  • Send a thank you note or text when you get home ASAP (again, even if you didn't have a great time, be truthful and thank for the invite itself).

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